Prenatal Pilates

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Safe, Gentle, Effective Exercise for the Healthiest Pregnancy

Are you looking for a safe yet effective exercise that won’t harm your baby?

Is maintaining a healthy body weight during pregnancy important to you?

Wouldn't you like to prepare your body the best way you can for healthy & smooth labour?

With Alwa Prenatal Pilates you will feel better, gain strength to support your growth, and have techniques to help your baby get into position for birth.
Prenatal Yoga
Bridge Pose


Prenatal pilates helps by strengthening the core- abs, back & hips so that your body can carry the additional baby weight easier. Pilates uses breathing exercises to focus on core engagement. Proper breathing will increase your mood, relieve stress, and this same breathing technique can be used during labour if you prefer.  

Baby Bumps are Beautiful!
But you won't feel so pretty if you're in pain.

As your baby inside grows each week, your abdominal muscles become stretched and weakened. This imbalance can lead to strain and pain in the back and hips. The pelvic floor muscles can become weaker under the weight of your baby, and this may lead to incontinence. 


Prenatal pilates gives your body more support and opportunity to prevent these unwanted side effects so that you’ll have a happy, pain-free third trimester, and more strength to ease labour.