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Pilates is not yoga

Pilates has no spiritual background or connection to mediation.

It is a mind-body (whole-body conditioning) exercise program using the breath like yoga, but it is mainly focused on increasing muscle tone & strength and core stability.

In Pilates, you will not hold poses, which may test your flexibility, rather you will do repetitions of exercises similarly when you are in the gym.

The dynamics and speed of the session are not based on the type of class (as sometimes in yoga such as yin yoga, vinyasa etc) but on the individual and their level of knowledge/practise.

Pilates Class

Benefits of Pilates

  • Increased muscle tone and endurance

  • Enhanced athletic performance

  • Improved:

    • core strength

    • stability

    • flexibility

    • balance

    • postural alignment.

Pilates is a low impact strength/resistance exercise mode improving the muscle's endurance and strength (Fourie et al., 2012).

Via controlled movement sequences, it encourages ergonomic postural alignment, balanced musculature and core strength.

It has become a reputable method for rehabilitation, injury prevention and sustainable exercise as part of a balanced lifestyle.

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