Nutrition Consultation

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weight management

Weight Management

Improve your overall health and manage your weight in a healthy and sustainable way with evidence based approach and the use of motivational interviewing.


Performance nutrition

Learn how to fuel your body, timing of meals and snacks for peak performance in your sport. 

mother prenatal postnatal

Pre & Postnatal nutrition

Get help with your diet whilst pregnant or nursing. Easy recipe ideas are included.

What to expect 

Nutritional consultations are a series of meetings:

  • to determine your issues & goals 

  • overcome obstacles

  • address stressors and triggers for unhealthy eating habits

  • implementing small steps towards change

  • bring awareness to and improve your relationship with food


You’ll receive science & evidence-based guidance in nutrition, custom diet & lifestyle changes to give your body the best possible care. We’ll go above and beyond, “what to eat”. 


You'll have my full support and I’ll check in with you to see how you get on. We'll revise the plan as necessary so that you achieve your health goals at any phase of your life.

Rice and Chicken


Weight management:

  • Learn to have a healthy relationship with food and with your body

  • Learn to understand your body, your cravings and mood and satisfy your hunger without restrictions 

  • Change your focus from just weight loss to all of the health improvements good nutrition can give you

  • Transition to a healthy lifestyle where you enjoy your food for long term physical and mental well-being

Performance Nutrition:

  • Learn how to eat & prepare your body for competitions, marathons, etc

  • Learn how to adjust your meals to your training regime for peak performance

Pre & Postnatal Nutrition:

  • Get guidance for prenatal nutrition and crucial nutrients to eat before and whilst pregnant

  • Have support post-birth with tips on juggling the new mother's nutritional needs while nursing

  • Receive some quick and easy recipes and tips you can easily stick to without stressing about it

With nutrition consultations, you’ll generally notice positive side effects such as:

  • Increased athletic performance

  • More balanced mood

  • Better sleep and focus during the day

  • Fewer cravings and no brain fatigue

  • Increased energy & stamina